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09/16/2008 17:33

Taiga Crossword puzzle

  Taiga Louis General taiga crossword puzzle. 1   ...


09/15/2008 17:15


1. The most common type of trees in the taiga are deciduous trees.     True/False 2. The taiga only exists in the Northern Hemisphere.     True/False 3. A name for the moist, jelly-like like ground covering that is exclsuive to the...


09/15/2008 13:55

Physical Features

The ground of many taigas is what is called muskeg. This ground looks like hard, firm soil, but is really a soggy surface. The muskeg is a defining feature of the taiga soil. Due to the cold temperatures, the soil is frozen below a cetain level. The frozen soil acts as a liner to keep melted water...


09/15/2008 13:48

Human impact on the Environment

Problems arise when mills and industrial plants emit sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and cause acid rain. The acid rain slowly destroys whole forests (Taiga pollution,1). Evergreen forests, the most common type of forests in the taiga are more heavily damaged by acid rain. The acid rain affects the...


09/15/2008 13:35

Animal Life

Animal life in the taiga is limited in its variety.The animals that do live in that taiga have to deal with the harsh winters and unique environment.The lynx and various members of the weasel family are common in the Taiga biome. These animals include bears,weasels, wolverines, fisher, pine marten,...


09/14/2008 16:57

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09/14/2008 16:54


A taiga forest. The plants in the taiga are not very diverse. One of the large reasons for this small amount of diversity is that the conditions are very hard for plants to live in.The cold winters and acidic surface...