Human impact on the Environment

09/15/2008 13:48

Problems arise when mills and industrial plants emit sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and cause acid rain. The acid rain slowly destroys whole forests (Taiga pollution,1). Evergreen forests, the most common type of forests in the taiga are more heavily damaged by acid rain. The acid rain affects the needles of these evergreens by disrupting the process of photosynthesis. The acid rain also disrupts the absorption of magnesium and calcium for the soil, and aluminum is absorbed in its place (Lansing state journal, 2).

   In many taigas large amounts of clear cut logging is causing great amounts of deforestation. Specifically in Russia, lead, nickel and aluminum smelters emit pollution that causes acid rain. Clear cutting of timber is used to expose many of the natural resources in the Taiga in Russia (Taiga deforestation,1). 

Other environmental problems in the taiga focus on the endangered species in the area, which include the Siberian Tiger and Siberian Crane. Both of these animals are facing threats from habitat replacement and poaching (Taiga endangered animals, 2).




(Bottom) This is a portion of clear cut forest.