Animal Life

09/15/2008 13:35

Animal life in the taiga is limited in its variety.The animals that do live in that taiga have to deal with the harsh winters and unique environment.The lynx and various members of the weasel family are common in the Taiga biome. These animals include bears,weasels, wolverines, fisher, pine marten, mink and ermine. The prey that these animals feed on are snowshoe hares, lemmings, red squirrels and voles.Large mammalian herbivores are more common to the successional forests to the south of the Taiga; these include the elk, beaver and moose( Taiga or boreal forest 1).

    Otehr animals that only occupy certain taigas are the American black bear and the Amur tiger. The Amur tiger lives in Sibera, and the American black bear live in North America.These are both top predators.

The American black bear(top).

The Amur tiger(Siberain tiger)(bottom).!,%20Siberian%20Tiger.jpg