The areas that the tiaga occurs.

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This is a general information site on the taiga biome.

 The location of the taiga corresponds with regions of subarctic and cold continental climate.  The taiga continues as a nearly continuous belt of coniferous tress across North America and Eurasia. The taiga covers one fifth of all the land surface. ( Boreal Forest,1 ).The taiga is a moist sub arctic area that is constantly cooled by cold dry air from the arcit circle. The taiga only exists in the northern hemisphere.

 The taiga climate is a cold and semi wet biome. The temperature is extremely cold in the winter due to its highly northern latitude position. The average temperature per year in the taiga is 32 F. The average winter temperature is -27 F.The average summer temperature is 50 F but fluctuates highly around that temperature (Taiga Climate, 1). The precipitaion is common because of the high amounts of transpiration from the trees during the summer.The amount of precipitation is about 40 inches in a year. These statistics refer to no specific taiga ecosystem, but to the average of all the ecosystems together. (Taiga Climate, 1).  


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